Sunday, September 21, 2014

Whats in my school make up bag?

♡  Hello lovelies!  
It feels so good to be back to blogging, I have missed each and every one of you! 
Since the school year has began once again I'm going to be sharing with you the things I take with me! I got this make up bag from primark last year for around £3 and never really used it apart from for sleepovers, but this year I have been taking it to school with me everyday. I like the fact it's very simple and has little detail, the bag only has two pockets but they are much bigger than they look, they could fit about twice as much of what I keep in there so I think this is a really handy and cheap make up bag. The inside is a waterproof material so if anything spills or stains it can be easily cleaned.
So moving on to the actual content of the bag, Firstly I have my Burts Bees Grapefruit lip balm which I absolutely love! I love tangy citrusy scents so this is perfect for me, it keeps my lips moisturised really well however it is almost finished, you can find this lip balm in boots for around £3. Next I have a de-stressing and soothing body spray from Asda, this was very cheap so it's quite handy if you are on a tight budget, I love the packaging of this body spray especially the paisley print, the smell is very unusual and pretty much indescribable but you could say it is quite exotic and unusual. Recently I've been struggling with having very dry hands, especially now that it's getting a bit colder, so I have been carrying around this Avon care cocoa butter hand cream that came in a set with a body butter and lotion, this helps really well and smells lovely, it also does not leave your hands feeling greasy which is what I mainly look for in a hand cream. The next item is another reason for having extremely dry hands, I have discovered that antibacterial hand gels tend to dry out your hands a lot so I have gone for the Carex moisture plus as it is a little less harsh. Underneath that I have my trusty nail file/buffer with 7 different sides, this comes in handy as I am growing out my nails and this helps rescue me if I end up breaking one in school. To the left of that I have my Maybelline fit me powder which also is on it's final days, I love the packaging of this powder as the sponge has a separate compartment and doesn't get as gross and dirty so easily. The last two items are a mini hair brush and some pain killers. The little hair brush is just from a small discount store, and comes in handy as in autumn i'm always battling with extremely frizzy hair, lastly I have some pain killers as i tend to get headaches quite often so they come in handy when I'm in school. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, more coming soon!
Karina xo

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